The European Network for Traumatic Stress

Training & Practice


Workpackage 1: Coordination of the project

  • Ensure that the specific objectives of the project in its entirety are achieved within the agreed time- and budgetary limits.
  • Provide efficient general administrative and financial management of the project.
  • Communicate on behalf of the project.

Workpackage 2: Dissemination of results

  • To determine optimal methods of dissemination and implementation.
  • To begin dissemination and implementation.
  • To develop local networks and impart a spirit of collaborative working throughout the EU to help organise and strengthen the mental health services of provincial and district health authorities and to ensure sustainable action and improvement in the future.

Workpackage 3: Evaluation of the project

  • To ensure that the project has achieved its objectives.

Workpackage 4: Development of guidelines

  • Training and practise guidelines.
  • Teaching the Teachers programme.

Workpackage 5: Examination of existing training and teaching courses

  • Mapping of existing training and teaching courses.
  • Impact of guidelines and teaching packages.

Workpackage 6: Teaching the Teachers

  • To develop a core curriculum.
  • Teaching the Teachers programme.

Workpackage 7: Development of educational materials

  • Development of educational materials.