The European Network for Traumatic Stress

Training & Practice

Methodological approach

Development of guidelines: to develop guidelines that integrate mental health promotion and mental disorder prevention into the training and practice of mental health professionals and professionals in social services, a comprehensive systematic review of work done in this area will be conducted in order to generate information of methods that have been shown to be effective and ineffective in the past. A Delphi method will be used to develop and finalise the guidelines.

Training and teaching courses: in order to map existing teaching and training courses, partners will be allocated responsibility for different areas of the EU and will liaise with local institutes to map current provision by collecting information using a specifically developed questionnaire. The questionnaire will address 1) aspects of the content of the existing courses such as learning outcomes, materials used 2) the level of education of the curricula and qualifications needed to attend these, 3) characteristics of the teachers such as their professions, the level of education and experience with respect to the topic trained and 4) characteristics of the target groups of the training programs offered.

Teaching the Teachers: a Teaching the Teachers educational programme will be developed to raise levels of knowledge and expertise amongst mental health and social service professionals and to equip them to implement the guidelines in a sustainable manner in partner countries. The face to face locally delivered teaching and e-learning packages will be accessible via the TENTS-TP website.

Development of educational materials: particular attention will be paid to developing a comprehensive e-learning platform that is able to host a combination of techniques including discussion boards, web-based teaching materials for the delivery of instructional materials, healthcare (clinical) simulation, a learning management system (LMS) and tools for computer aided assessments of mental health problems.