The European Network for Traumatic Stress

Training & Practice


TENTS-TP will lead to a significant increase in the availability of evidence based care to victims of type I trauma throughout Europe resulting in improved health and wellbeing. TENTS-TP will also integrate the work of other European projects in the field of psychosocial support for trauma victims to ensure a consistent approach across Europe.

The general objective of TENTS-TP is to develop, disseminate and implement:
  • Training and practice guidelines for professionals based on the previous TENTS evidence based model of care.
  • A core TENTS-TP curriculum.
  • High-standard educational materials, tailored to different cultures and languages across Europe.
  • Best practice guidance for combating social exclusion of people with mental health problems secondary to type 1 trauma.

This general objective will be achieved through the following specific objectives:
  • Development training and practice guidelines for professionals based on the TENTS evidence based model of care.
  • To develop a core curriculum to facilitate the training of providers throughout Europe.
  • To map existing training and teaching courses, with particular emphasis on undergraduate and postgraduate courses for health professionals and professionals in social services.
  • A needs analysis of local knowledge and expertise will be performed to develop specific curricula tailored to local needs.
  • Teaching and training materials will be developed. These materials augment face-to-face teaching with e-learning packages through a TENTS-TP platform on a multi-lingual website.
  • A Teaching the Teachers programme will be developed to increase levels of knowledge and expertise amongst local teaching professionals to equip them to disseminate the knowledge locally.
  • Impact of guidelines and teaching materials will be determined.