The European Network for Traumatic Stress

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If your organisation is involved in caring for victims of trauma and disaster in particular, it should become involved in The European Network for Traumatic Stress! We therefore invite you to become one of TENTS’ interested parties. As an interested party of TENTS you will become part of an extensive network of international experts in traumatic stress. You will be able to benefit from this network by gaining easy access to other experts within the network. Interested parties of TENTS will also be able to benefit from information on psychosocial management of disaster victims and from information about best practices. As an interested party you will receive a login-code which enables you to view and download all this information from our website:

Being a TENTS interested party will also involve helping us. Once you have accepted the invitation, we will ask you to fill out our so-called mapping-questionnaire on post-disaster psychosocial care to map the situation in your region. In the end dissemination materials tailored for your region (such as teaching packages, psycho-education material and other working materials like flyers) will be made available to you.
Please send an e-mail to: