The European Network for Traumatic Stress

Training & Practice


The key to provide adequate psychosocial aftercare for victims of disasters is to establish effective services that provide evidence based (mental health) care. At present, however, post disaster activities and plans seem to vary widely across the European region. In some areas non evidence based interventions, some of which could even be harmful to the traumatized individual (e.g. emotional debriefing), are still being used. The TENTS project included accurate mapping of the current situation of post-disaster psychosocial aftercare across the European region and developed an evidence-based model of psychosocial care that is currently being disseminated and implemented across all involved countries and regions. TENTS has made it possible for all participating countries to apply evidence based and effective services.

The TENTS proposal was innovative in terms of its aims to build a community wide network of expertise on posttraumatic stress treatment for victims of natural and other disasters and to use collaborative working to produce and disseminate an evidence-based model of care in a sustainable manner. The mapping and needs assessment process along with the identification of key individuals with responsibility for specific countries ensured the maximum possible geographical coverage.